Brazilian Butt Lift, also known as BBL, is one of the most popular plastic surgical operations today. The main reason for this is that the surgery has a very high satisfaction rate, and other alternatives to the operation are far less effective compared to BBL. But with its popularity, there sure come lots of questions in minds. In this article, which is the third article of this series, we will be informing you about the following topics:

  • Do’s, and Don’ts Before Having A Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery
  • Taking Vitamins and Their Affects to Post-Operation Process
  • Consume of Vitamins That May Be Dangerous Before The Surgery
  • Birth Control Medications And Why You Should Stop Taking Them Before Having A BBL Surgery

What to do, and what to not do before having a BBL surgery?

Brazilian Butt Lift is a plastic surgical operation, and it is carried out under general anesthesia. Since the operation includes complicated processes, it requires some precautions to make sure that the operation is carried out under optimized and the safest possible conditions. With that being said, we can make a list of essential instructions to follow, before undergoing BBL surgery.

  • For a safer operation, and additionally, a safer and smoother recovery process, avoid consumption of alcohol or cigarettes for at least fourteen days before the surgery. This is one of the most important things you should know and do before having BBL surgery. Consumption of both alcohol and cigarettes slows down the healing process, as well as creates possible complications and dangers during the surgery. It is important to know that, even light alcohol drinks such as beer and light cocktails should be strictly avoided, and any kind of smoking, including weeds, cigarettes, puros, and pipes should be avoided for at least fourteen days (ideally twenty-one days) before the surgery. Doing so will both reduce the risks of the surgery and help to have better results.
  • Let your doctor know if you regularly use any kind of medication, vitamins, or supplies (including herbal and protein-based supplies) and if you use any of these, make a list of these medications or supplies to give to your doctor. If you don’t give your surgeon the required information about your consumption of these materials, there is a possibility of fatal complications caused by these products. You should consult your surgeon that if you are allowed to use these products before having BBL surgery. Usually, any kind of medication, vitamins, and supplies have the possibility of creating unexpected complications during or after the surgery. Also, protein-based supplies or supplies that athletes use may even cause heart attacks and strokes, if wrongly used before a surgical operation. 
  • Buy loose clothing to wear after the surgery. After a BBL surgery, a big part of your body will be affected by the operation, and the surgical area may create discomfort when under physical pressure. Thus, wearing loose clothing after the surgery is very vital, since both provide a fresher feeling and reduce pain, and makes sure there isn’t any physical pressure on the surgical area. Wearing pants after the surgery will be impossible for at least a few weeks, and the best options to wear after a BBL surgery are pajamas or shorts.
  • Maintain and follow a healthy diet with a balanced exercise schedule. One of the most important things to do before having BBL surgery is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You should know that the least risky operations are carried out under optimized conditions, and the most important one of these conditions is having a healthy body. Consuming a sufficient amount of protein, fiber, and carbohydrates regularly will help your recovery process to pass much more smoother. Also, since your movements will be greatly restricted for at least three weeks after the surgery, in order to prevent any muscle loss and unwanted fat accumulation, it is important to do exercises and have a fit body while having the surgery.
  • Mentally prepare yourself for discomfort and pain. Having a BBL surgery means your movements, and even sitting positions will be greatly restricted. There will be pain and discomfort the following days. You will not be able to sit on your buttocks for at least three weeks, which means you will have to be constantly lying on your side or your stomach. You will also be not able to stand for long and walk long distances. You will not be able to work or exercise for at least three weeks. Preparing yourself for these conditions is a very important step before having a BBL surgery since your mental state will be affecting your recovery process as well.

Taking Vitamins And Their Affects to The Post-Operation Process

Many plastic surgeons suggest that increasing your iron intake naturally before the surgery will help the recovery process to be smoother and faster. Also, since it helps the absorption of iron, consuming Vitamin C in natural ways will also help. Apart from this, B-9 and B-12 vitamins will also be helpful in the recovery process. But as we mentioned above, since the consumption of supplies that include these vitamins may cause some complications, it is safest that you use natural ways of consuming these materials, such as consuming orange, lemon, mandarin, red meat, milk, and vegetables. With that being said, you should still stop consuming these vitamins one week before the surgery.

Consume of Vitamins That May Be Dangerous Before The Surgery

Apart from the materials we mentioned above, there are also some types of vitamins that you should definitely avoid consuming before the surgery. Since Vitamin E and Vitamin K can interfere with anesthesia, and other factors, their consumption should be completely stopped at least two weeks before the surgery. And additionally, as we just mentioned above, consumption of Vitamin C and Vitamin B also should be stopped at least one week before the surgery.

Birth Control And Brazilian Butt Lift

Birth control pills and other birth control products may carry big risks before undergoing a surgical operation. Since birth control medications interfere with the body’s natural periodical processes, they are highly dangerous for a person that will have a surgical operation. Birth control pills are proved to increase the possibility of occurrence of a vein thrombosis after the surgery, according to a survey carried out in the past. In addition to this, since birth control pills modify the number of hormones in the body, it may create unexpected complications both during and after the surgery.