Vaginoplasty in Turkey


Procedure Details

Total Stay Duration
7 Days
Hospital Stay
1 Day
Procedure Duration
2-3 Hours
Anesthesia Type
General Anesthesia
Recovery Period
1-2 Weeks

Vaginoplasty (also known as vaginal rejuvenation) is a procedure created to tighten the vagina. This method is non-invasive vaginal tightening through warming tissues with laser or radiofrequency waves. Females with significant laxity may not experience a benefit from these particular procedures and can be better people for surgical with vaginoplasty.

After pregnancy, most women can complain of laxity of their vaginas, resulting from separating muscles and stretching of tissues, sometimes to the point that a tampon falls out, and this lack of tone can result in sexual problems.

What does a vaginoplasty do?

A vaginoplasty procedure will gather the separated muscles together. Apart from that, the extra mucosa skin on the back of the vagina will be removed. The external skin can also be taken out to provide a more aesthetic appearance.

How is Vaginoplasty done?

To become ready for the surgery, patients are asked to do a bowel prep before surgery. First, the amount of tightening to be done will be determined by the plastic surgeon. Afterwards, a pie-shape wedge will be marked to outline the extra skin which will be removed from the inside of the vagina. Underneath the skin, tissues are tightened with strong sutures. The mucosal skin is sutured closed once the vaginal canal has been tightened. For a more aesthetic and youthful result, external skin can be reduced as well if it is protruded.

Recovering from Vaginoplasty

Vaginoplasty surgery takes around usually two to three hours and requires a recovery of 7 days. Our plastic surgeons and medical team use long-lasting analgesia during surgery. This will also help you to manage post-operation pain which provides 2-3 days of comfort right after the surgery. After 3 days, it is wise to apply ice to the area and stay on your feet as much as you can. Apart from that, our plastic surgeons prescribe a regimen of estrogen cream placed vaginally and it will keep improving the muscle tone.  Patients have to wait 3 weeks before returning to exercise. Also, they should 6 weeks before sexual intercourse. The operation will restore natural anatomy and has been proofed to improve sexual satisfaction in both men and women. Male partners will benefit too because of the smaller vaginal size and increased feeling of friction. All of our patients feel perfect around 8 weeks, this method provides a permanent correction.

The best advice that we can give for a woman considering vaginal surgery: Be open with your plastic surgeon about your concerns and feelings about your genitals, just like your expectations for surgery and any possible non-surgical options.