What makes us Excellent?

Clinic Excellent – Shaping your dreams into reality. We are well aware of the fact that travelling abroad for plastic surgery is a hard decision by itself. It can be easily understood that patients, who are going to Turkey for their cosmetic surgery, can have a lot of questions and concerns.

Which can be related to the procedure itself, accommodation, transfers, airport pick-ups, consultations, pre and post-operation check, language barrier, nursing services and many others more!

We are ready to help with our promising medical team, to answer all the questions, guide through every single procedure and constant check before, during and after surgery. Help and solve all the problems that our patients can face off.

Providing exceptional service with outstanding results, every detail to turn your dream into reality is simply possible by our expert team. Years of experience, promising team, ambition to be the best and never-ending customer satisfaction obsession will provide you with an excellent experience. 

That’s why we call ourselves the Excellent.

What do we provide?

What does a patient truly need?

»  24/7 Online coordinator?  Our coordinators will be ready for you to help and answer all the questions that you have.
»  Great accommodation? We do work with the most comfortable hotels and recovery houses, which rated highest on the booking websites.
»  Safety? All of our doctors hold European board membership and works with only JCI accredited hospitals and A++ hospitals. Following up with the patient? You will be checked and followed up by our medical team before, during and after the procedure.
»  Interpreters? You will be escorted by a translator throughout the whole procedure.

So begins, “a new age of Excellence” —Sx.Dolls Community (#1 Online Sx Community)

Plastic Surgery Package in Turkey

Plastic surgery package in Turkey will cover all essential needs, cost and expenses will be covered by your package including Transfers, accommodation, surgery fees, and nursing services. The only thing that you need to take care of is your flight tickets and preparing yourself for your journey. 

Our Vision

Prioritizing the safety, following strict safety rules and always ensuring safety and eliminating the possible complications.

Thrived to be the best in the field, in the world. Excellent service, from A to Z carefully inspect the steps and foresee the needs of the patients. Not only before they visit us, following up with them after the procedure as well. 

Our Mission

Clinic Excellent representatives of the key factors of satisfaction, successful, affordable and safe procedure. These key points are at our core and they always are there!
Successful surgery, understanding patients’ expectations and matching them with what they need. Affordable prices, analyzing the market and setting good rates of prices for patients all around the world.
The safe procedure, in Clinic Excellent, no matter what we always put the safety on the top. Making all the arrangements to ensure the safety of the patient before, during and after the procedure.