DHI Hair Transplant Turkey

DHI Hair Transplant

Procedure Details

Total Stay Duration
3 Days
Hospital Stay
Not Required
Procedure Duration
4-5 Hours
Anesthesia Type
Local Anesthesia
Recovery Period
1-2 Weeks

DHI Hair Transplant is one of the most well-researched and widely used transplantation procedures among today’s potential hair transplant patients. Micro FUE hair transplantation allows grafts taken from the donor area (every tissue or organ taken from another part of the body or another donor for transplantation is referred to as a graft in medical terminology) to be directly transplanted into the transplantation area without the need for a traditional micro-incision and channel opening.

DHI Hair Transplant Turkey Procedure

The hollow, spring-loaded pens used in DHI hair transplantation are hollow. When the tip is pushed after it has been extended, the spring-loaded mechanism pierces the skin and leaves the graft within. These pens were first designed for fine hair, but after some time, specialist implanter pens for thick hair were released to the market.

DHI hair transplantation is one of the most popular hair transplantation techniques nowadays. Extraction (Harvesting) and Implantation are the two primary steps of the hair transplantation procedure using this method. It is the procedure of using implanter pens to place grafts obtained using FUE or FUT extraction techniques performed in other methods in the region to be transplanted. Extremely equipment/pens with special fine tips are utilized to transmit the graft directly to the skin when the grafts are inserted into them one by one and squeezed in this procedure, also called as “Pen Technique.”

This procedure, which is also done under local anaesthetic, necessitates a larger team effort than previous hair transplant procedures. Otherwise, the operation takes longer, limiting the number of grafts that can be transplanted in clinics without a big team of DHI specialists. Hair in the region to be transplanted may be transplanted without incisions using the DHI method, which is a significant benefit for individuals who are concerned about their look following hair transplantation due to their work, social standing, or other factors.

CHOI Pen Hair Transplant Turkey

The implanter pens, also known as “Choi Pens,” that are used in this procedure were first utilized in South Asia in the 1980s and have been developed and used since then. Some European surgeons considered the DHI transplanting procedure an option in the mid-2000s when they couldn’t achieve the outcomes they sought.

Because of these surgeons’ introduction of this procedure throughout Europe, a new way of perception was established. There has been no scientific study comparing DHI with sapphire FUE techniques, therefore ranking one over the other is illogical. Each technique has its own set of benefits. It is not a procedure that is appropriate for all patients.

After a thorough medical history and examination, a person’s eligibility for hair transplantation using the DHI hair transplantation procedure is assessed under the supervision of the doctor. This approach necessitates careful patient selection. When used on patients who require a large number of grafts, the procedure may take a lengthy time. As a result, it’s possible that the quality of grafts that have been kept open for a long period will deteriorate completely or partially.


How Is DHI Hair Transplantation Done?

In Clinic Excellent, DHI hair transplantation is performed by transferring grafts extracted using the follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedure to the target region using a special pen (implanter pen). After the grafts are removed, various instruments are used to make channels (incisions) in the skin, and the grafts are then put into these channels.

The passage is not opened during DHI hair transplantation. The transplantation process is finished by sliding the graft into the skin once the tip of the pen carrying the graft penetrates the skin.

DHI Hair Transplant Without Shaving

Anyone who wishes to undergo a hair transplant procedure can use DHI hair transplantation. Patients who want to undergo a transplant but don’t want to shave their heads should explore the DHI method first. Higher graft numbers can be employed in hair transplantation using various techniques.

In this regard, the number of grafts required by the patient should be considered in patients who desire to have DHI, and the choice should be made in consultation with the surgeon doing the surgery. Before deciding on a hair transplant procedure, the most important step is to choose a clinic that will provide you with the finest possible care and follow up with you after the procedure.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of DHI Hair Transplant?

  • There is less bleeding with DHI hair transplantation than with other transplantation procedures that use incisions (channels)
  • Patients who desire unshaved transplants and are concerned about cosmetic appearance prefer it.
  • Wound healing after transplantation happens a few days quicker than with other methods.
  • If more than 3000 grafts need to be transplanted, other techniques may be more effective.
  • Although many sources claim that DHI hair transplantation allows for more intensive transplanting, our surgeons can easily accomplish the same density with sapphire hair transplantation in Clinic Excellent. 
  • Unique materials are utilized in this process, which is more expensive.

DHI Hair Transplant Turkey Price

The procedure for DHI hair transplantation varies depending on the clinic or hospital where it is performed. Because of the longer length and larger labor force, this procedure costs more than other micro FUE hair transplantation methods.

The Best DHI Hair Transplantation Doctors Turkey

The most essential thing a person should do before choosing the finest DHI hair transplantation centres is to look into the credentials of the physician who will conduct the procedure. It is critical to select a surgeon who is knowledgeable in his area. In this sense, painstaking labor is required. The patient must be confident with the size of the team doing the surgery.

Following the gathering of information regarding the doctor and the clinic, patient feedback will be an important consideration. Patients’ opinions about a clinic, as well as their happiness with both the physician and the clinic’s service in general, indicate that you are one step closer to selecting the best clinic.

Best DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey

Physicians create a hair transplant strategy before doing the procedure. Considering your doctor’s advice would be a smart decision, even if the surgery is an aesthetic procedure and what you desire is essential. The realization of the hair transplantation plan conducted by assessing the back of the head, recipient area, face, and forehead of the patient, as well as inspecting the hair follicles, is one of the most essential stages prior to surgery.

To lay out all of the various outcomes that the patient could face, no matter what, and to establish a realistic expectation. Individuals feel duped and disappointed if this is not the case. To avoid this, you should always seek expert help from facilities you think you can trust. DHI is a hair transplantation method that necessitates delicate labor and is used in long-term procedures. First and foremost, people’s eligibility for this operation must be determined.

As a result, it is critical that the physicians doing the procedure are specialists in their disciplines and have prior expertise with this application approach. Clinic Excellent’s professional physicians look after their patients from the beginning to the conclusion of the procedure and keep them informed. Thousands of surgeries have yielded positive outcomes, and patients have been able to return home joyfully. Leave your inquiry now to learn more about the DHI hair transplant technique and get a hair transplant service with the most accurate method.

DHI Hair Transplant Before and After

Here are a few examples of the DHI Hair Transplant procedure, please click our before and after gallery to see more results.