Rhinoplasty in Turkey


Procedure Details

Total Stay Duration
7 Days
Hospital Stay
1 Day
Procedure Duration
2-3 Hours
Anesthesia Type
General Anesthesia
Recovery Period
1-2 Weeks

Rhinoplasty, or as known as Nose job, is a pretty popular procedure in Turkey. Nose job in Turkey is especially appealing for those living in the UK, due to the operating being made with western healthcare standards for just a fraction of the price in the UK.

nose job is one of the most performed plastic surgery procedures in Turkey, with the aim to alter the shape of a person’s nose, creating a better appearance. A better nose can help boost the confidence of a patient easily. 

Rhinoplasty can not only alter the size, but also the width and the profile of the nose. Our professional plastic surgeons in Turkey can change the nose tip, the way the nostrils are shaped, and of course the balance of the nose. After consulting our doctors, you can have your nose changed according to your aesthetic goals and based on your unique condition. 

nose job in Istanbul can also be made for reconstructive purposes. Reconstructive surgeries are specifically designed to correct birth defects or injuries like a broken nose. Many people out there seeking to get a nose job in Turkey without cosmetic purposes. The aim of this procedure can also be to fix the breathing-related problems of a patient with a deviated septum.

Rhinoplasty or a Nose Job is the perfect procedure with the expected outcomes:

♦ Nose size-reduction
♦ Achieving facial harmony
♦ A nice contour to the nose tip
♦ Balancing the nose size with overall facial features
♦ Reshaping or resizing the nostrils
♦ Fix problems that cause breathing problems
♦ Achieving symmetry on the face and correcting the possible nasal deviation

Good Candidates for a Nose Job in Turkey

Healthy patients that aim to alter and improve the appearance of their nose and achieve facial harmony are considered as fit candidates for a nose job in Istanbul. It is also important to say, that there is no age limit to this operation, however, it is recommended that patients should be 15 or 16 years old to undergo such cosmetic surgery.

Following conditions can be cured with the Rhinoplasty procedure:

♦ Abnormal visuals of the nasal area, possibly caused by injuries or genetic factors. 
♦ Large and floppy nose appearance.
♦ Arched nose.
♦ Ethnically wide or flat-nose.

Rhinoplasty Procedure in Turkey

nose job is a cosmetic procedure that is performed under level 4 sedation or directly under general anesthesia. There are two techniques, in general, to use while performing the Rhinoplasty procedure and our professional plastic surgeons in Turkey employ one of those. 

In this operation, the plastic surgeon makes an incision either in the inside of the nose or across the base of the nasal area. Going through these incisions, the surgeon then raises the skin of the nose gently, while reshaping the inner bone and the cartilage.

After the reshaping process is ended, lifted nasal skin and the tissue are re-wrapped around the nose and the incisions are closed. 

A typical Nose job surgery in Istanbul takes about one to two hours. Before going under such a procedure, it is highly recommended to stop smoking and avoid taking some medications that have thinning properties at least a week in advance. 

Techniques of Nose Surgery in Istanbul

There are two techniques to follow while performing a Rhinoplasty surgery. 
1 – Closed Rhinoplasty If the surgeon is performing a closed Rhinoplasty, he/she is going to make the incision inside the nostrils. 
2 – Open Rhinoplasty If the surgeon is performing an open Rhinoplasty, he/she is going to make the incision in the area between the nostrils, which is called the columella. Using Rhinoplasty and also some surgical methods, our professional plastic surgeons in Turkey carefully lift the skin and the soft tissue that covers the outside of the nose.

After lifting the tissue, the bone and also the cartilage can be contoured to achieve the shape the patient desires. If the nose needs to be augmented, extra cartilage will be needed. Extra cartilage is taken generally from the septum and in some cases from the cartilage behind the patient’s ear. 

Rhinoplasty for a Bulbous Nose

There are many patients from the UK out there that come to Turkey for the correction of a bulbous nose. Patients with bulbous noses often see their noses being too wide or too large. 

A bulbous nasal tip can easily be corrected with a Rhinoplasty plastic surgery. This procedure specifically includes the reconfiguration of the cartilage on the tip of the nose by using suturing techniques.

After all, this is done, this procedure results in a sharper nose tip along with a natural look. 
For thick-skinned patients, however, plastic surgeons sometimes perform a thinning operation on the nasal tip. This specific technique enables the patients to have a stable, functional, and aesthetic result.

Rhinoplasty for a Wide Nose

Another reason why patients seek to get a nose job in Istanbul is an overly wide nose. Wide noses have a flat appearance, not having an evident visual on the face. This also causes the internal nasal structure to get narrower, restricting the airflow.

A restricted airflow in the nose is often associated with issues like snoring or sleep apnea. 

Our professional plastic surgeons in Turkey use several techniques while performing Rhinoplasty surgery. These aim to thin out the nose bridge by chiseling the bones there. During the operation, small incisions are made on the exterior of the nasal tip, being not visible in the nose crease. This makes the nostrils smaller. 

Types of Nose Job Surgeries in Turkey

1 – Revision Rhinoplasty Turkey

Sometime after getting your first nose job, you may think that it did not meet your aesthetic goals. If this is the case for you, you may think of getting a revision Rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey to get the original operation corrected and fine-tune the appearance of your nose. 

If any problems develop after getting nose surgery, a revision Rhinoplasty or also as known as a secondary Rhinoplasty can be conducted to repair those problems.

Our professional revision Rhinoplasty surgeons in Turkey, Istanbul are famous for their expertise in the field and they can easily improve the results of your last surgery, with which you are not satisfied and therefore restoring your facial harmony completely. 

2 – Reconstructive Nose Surgery

The nose can be destroyed after going through dire circumstances like trauma or cancer. Reconstructive Rhinoplasty refers to the reconstruction of the nose. It specializes in restoring the nose tissue which was destroyed and cannot be repaired anymore.

Patients with a broken or destroyed nose because of trauma or an incident are good candidates for reconstructive nose surgery in Istanbul.

3 – Septoplasty in Turkey

Septoplasty specializes in correcting the deviated septum of a patient, improving the ability to breathe drastically. A deviated septum causes the airflow within the nasal cavity to be blocked or restricted, which makes it difficult for the patient to breathe.

Restricted respiratory airflow is often associated with problems like frequently happening nosebleeds and chronic headaches. A septoplasty procedure in Istanbul, Turkey aims to fix a crooked septum, therefore increasing the quality of a patient’s life. 

4 – Ethnic Rhinoplasty in Turkey

The diversity among people who want to get a nose job to improve the appearance of their nose is high, there are patients among them, who are willing to preserve the character of the nose that is associated with their ethnic identity. 

Nose job surgeries are performed by our professional Rhinoplasty surgeons on lots of both female and male patients of diverse ethnicities for functional reasons like breathing problems or cosmetic reasons. 

It is important, however, to take ethnicity into consideration. Asian Rhinoplasty, African-American Rhinoplasty, and middle-eastern Rhinoplasty have slightly different procedures because of their unique nose characteristics. 

Therefore it is especially important for patients who are willing to get a nose job, to have the Rhinoplasty surgery performed by experienced professionals. Our board-certified, professional facial plastic surgeons can perform a Rhinoplasty surgery on the nose while also taking the patients’ ethnicity into consideration. 

5 – Asian Nose Surgery in Turkey

Patients from Asia are often willing to have a Rhinoplasty operation with the aim to have their nose lengthened so that the nose’s size gets balanced with other facial features.

With an Asian nose surgery in Turkey, patients can achieve facial harmony, symmetry, and balance. Restructuring the Nose Bridge and refinement of the nasal tip is among the most common procedures during nose surgery for Asian patients. 

6 – Black Nose Job in Turkey

African American patients are willing to achieve facial harmony by having their nostrils or the base of their nose narrowed or thinned. 

How is ethnic rhinoplasty performed?

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Many patients out there are afraid to undergo surgery for cosmetic purposes. There is also an option for these people who want to avoid an invasive procedure to improve their facial appearance, which is the non-surgical Rhinoplasty. A non-surgical Rhinoplasty means that the operation will be non-invasive. 

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty or Liquid Rhinoplasty is a perfect procedure for patients that are looking to get a nose job and prefer it in a non-surgical way with less risk and less downtime for recuperation.

A non-surgical Rhinoplasty includes the transferring of dermal fillers to the nose, smoothening the harsher angles and resulting in a more delicate and refined nose tip. It can also be used to smoothen humps near or on the nose bridge and fill possible depressions on the surface of the nose. 

Dermal fillers or Rhinoplasty fillers will result in immediate results and can supply the patient with the aesthetics they solely desire. Through this procedure, patients can achieve facial harmony and balance between other facial features. 

The cost of a non-surgical Rhinoplasty in Istanbul is less than that of an invasive surgical procedure. The price, of course, varies between each patient, depending on the number of dermal fillers used on the nose. 

Rhinoplasty Doctors in Turkey

Rhinoplasty surgeons in Istanbul, Turkey are among the most skilled surgeons in Europe. Our professional Rhinoplasty surgeons in Turkey, Istanbul are known for their abilities and already have a vast amount of experience with different techniques that are used in Rhinoplasty.

With their skillful artistry, you can get natural results. 

Our professional Rhinoplasty surgeons in Turkey are considered pioneers in the industry because they have a unique understanding of the curvatures of the face and they can apply successful techniques while performing an operation, which distinguishes them from the rest.

Our nose surgery doctors in Istanbul will gladly discuss with you your aesthetic goals and which methods they are going to use and what approach they are going to take while performing the operation, during your pre-surgery consultation session with them. 

Nose Job Recovery

Rhinoplasty is one of the most well-tolerated surgeries out there with an uneventful recovery period. Possible after-effects include nose ache, headache, or puffiness for a short period. Further side effects are bruising, stuffiness, swelling, and bleeding. Any stitches or bandages on the nose will be removed after a week. 

After the surgery, it is expected, that the sleep quality and breathing quality of a patient increases. Since you are susceptible to experience some pain and ache, doctors will prescribe pain medication and also guide you through the healing process to accelerate your recuperation. This way, you will be able to get back to your regular work routine. 

The head must be kept elevated in order to reduce possible swelling and bleeding. A splint will be placed on the patient’s nose for protective purposes and also for support. 

It is recommended for the patients to keep an ice pack on the nose for about 48 hours after the surgery, to stop the nose from swelling. It is also important to take a bath instead of a shower, eat foods with high fiber content, and of course, try not to make any extreme facial expressions. Any workouts must also be avoided and postponed for about 3 to 6 weeks after the operation. 

Most of the patients are able to return to their regular workout routine after 4 weeks. A patient usually sees most of the results of the operation 3 to 4 weeks after the surgery.

However, also keep in mind that the nose will keep changing for the upcoming 3 months after the procedure. After the swelling disappears after 3 to 4 months, patients are able to see the full results of the operation. 

Cost of a Nose Job in Turkey

Rhinoplasty cost in Turkey is cheap when compared to the procedures being done in Europe. It is especially cheap for patients from overseas. The cost of living in Turkey is low when compared to the European countries.

Considering the high exchange rate between the Turkish Lira and the English Pound, Turkey proves to be an affordable option to get a Rhinoplasty surgery under western healthcare standards. 

Patients that are willing to get a Nose Job in Turkey are saving up to 70 percent on the cost of a cosmetic treatment. Nose Job packages in Turkey include not only the surgery, but also other privileges like hotel accommodation, medication, and transfer fees. 

Rhinoplasty Before and After

Here is a few examples of Rhinoplasty or as known as the Nosejob procedure, please click our before and after gallery to see more results.