• Which positions can I sleep in after a BBL?

 After a Brazilian Butt Lift operation, it is vital to avoid doing anything that applies pressure on the buttocks, including lying on your back. Also sleeping on your side may cause slight pain, so this also isn’t the best position to sleep after a BBL. The best option for sleeping after a BBL is sleeping on your stomach. This both protects the surgical area from pressure and prevents excess pain while lying. 

  • How to sleep after a combination surgery including BBL?

After a combination surgery, BBL with a breast lift or BBL with a tummy tuck, for example, it is important to know how to sleep, and in which positions you should sleep in order to protect the surgical areas. Unfortunately, you will not be able to sleep on your back or front sides of the body, since both sides will have surgical areas in this situation. So, the best option in this situation is sleeping on your side, but you should be careful in this position since you can move unconsciously while asleep. And this may cause you to wake up in so much pain.

  • Shaving before BBL

Shaving before BBL is a sensitive subject because the best time for shaving should be known very well. Shaving more than four hours before the surgery may increase the risk of infection, thus not recommended, actually opposed strongly by the experts. The best time for shaving is thirty minutes to two hours before the surgery. Doing so will decrease the risk of infection and make it easier to open incisions safely.


  • What is BMI, and how is it calculated?

BMI, Body Mass Index for long, is a way to measure the composition of the body of a person. With it being not perfect, and not one hundred percent accurate, it is a convenient and effective way of roughly defining a person’s weight class and overall health. Patient’s BMI results are used in several areas in the medical profession, such as pre-surgical processes  

  • How to calculate BMI?

BMI is calculated by taking our height in inches and dividing it by your weight in pounds. There are several BMI calculators online to do it for you. The BMI scores are usually categorized under four different classes; underweight (under 18.5), normal weight (18.5 to 25), overweight (25 to 30), and obese (over 30).

  • Why is BMI Important for having Brazilian Butt Lift?

BMI index is important for every single plastic surgical operation, as well as Brazilian Butt, Lift because it gives a general idea of the overall health of the candidate. High BMI scores mean a surgical operation with high risks while normal BMI scores bring about low risks and a likely successful operation.

  • What is the ideal BMI score for BBL, and what is the upper limit for having a BBL?

The safest and most ideal BMI score for BBL is between twenty and twenty-five. This range usually helps the results to be the best, and the recovery process to be much smoother and faster. But, BBL surgery can be carried out on patients with up to thirty-two/thirty-four points of BMI score. This score can be defined as the upper limit for having a Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery.


  • What is a seroma after Brazilian Butt Lift? 

A seroma is a fluid mass that can be built up by itself in the surgical area, usually up to four weeks after the surgery. It looks like a small bump from the outside, and it resembles a hematoma in some ways. While most of the time it can disappear over time as the body heals, sometimes it may require medical intervention to treat the occurrence. This usually happens when the seroma gets infected and needs medical attention.

  • What happens if the seroma is left untreated?

Most of the time, seroma is treated by the body itself, without the need for any external medical intervention. Other times, if the seroma doesn’t disappear by itself, it can be drained with the help of a needle or a syringe. More developed seroma cases may require surgical operations. The later the seroma is treated, the harder and more complicated it becomes. In some cases, it may cause to development of a fibrous capsule, which makes it more difficult to drain the fluid.


  • Do you need drains after BBL? 

After a BBL surgery, you may notice high amounts of bleeding and fluid from the incisions for the first twenty-four hours. The fluid is usually This is completely normal and usually stops in one or two days after the surgery. Apart from this, there may be bleeding and fluid from time to time, usually only for the following week. Your surgeon will probably attach little drain tubes to the incision(s) in order to store the fluid. These drain tubes need to be emptied from time to time as long as they are attached to the incision(s). These drain tubes usually remain up to ten days before removal.

  • Drain removal after BBL

Drain tubes are usually removed five to ten days after the surgery, and they definitely should be removed by your doctor or medical staff. You should definitely avoid removing the drains by yourself. The drains are removed by your doctor or medical staff by cutting the stitch(es) attached to drains, and then the area is protected by cushioning.

Coping With Swelling and Fibrosis

  • Lymphatic Drainage Massages After Brazilian Butt Lift (MLD)

After a BBL surgery, your surgeon will probably suggest a number of massaging techniques that are believed to help the recovery process to get faster, and preventing or reducing post-surgical swelling and fibrosis, or scar tissue formation. Lymphatic drainage massages, also known as MLD, are known to be helpful with recovery and cope with the pain, because they both help drain the fluids, and speed up the flow.

  • How to reduce swelling after a BBL operation?

The best ways to reduce swelling are actually the easiest ones, for example, applying an ice pack the following twenty-four hours after the surgery greatly both helps minimize swelling, and decreases pain. Also, consuming vitamin E and applying aloe vera to the area helps reduce swelling in longer terms. If the pain gets too discomforting, pain relievers such as Tylenol and Advil can be also used to cope with the situation.

  • What is fibrosis (Lumps and Bumps) after BBL?

Fibrosis is the situation in which the accumulation of connective tissue can be felt when touched, and sometimes even can be seen. Excessive fibrosis can restrict the patient’s movements and create a feeling of tightness. Fibrosis can both be temporary and permanent. It usually resolves over time with the right treatment.

  •  How to get rid of fibrosis after Brazilian Butt Lift?

After Brazilian Butt Lift and resembling operations that include liposuction, manual lymphatic drainage massage (MLD) is widely suggested during the recovery phase. This special massage technique is usually believed to reduce recovery time and help get the best results. This specialized form of massage is also used to reduce post-surgical swelling and fibrosis. The appliance of this technique as prescribed by your surgeon definitely creates a difference and helps cope with the occurrence of fibrosis.

  • How to avoid fibrosis after BBL?

As in the matter of treating fibrosis, manual lymphatic drainage massage (MLD) can be also used to avoid the emergence of fibrosis in the surgical area. Periodically applying this technique is a master key for several things after a BBL.