Arm lipo and arm lift are two seperate plastic surgical operations with very similar aims. While an arm lift mostly focuses on the excess skin in the upper arm, an arm lipo rather concentrates on the fat. These two procuders can also be done simultanously in some cases for better results.

Arm Liposuction

Upper arms liposuction is mostly ideal for those who have an excess amount of fat in the area. But in addition to that, a good candidate for an arm lipo should have a good skin tone too. A good skin tone allows the remaining excess skin and tissue to tighten after the operation. This is mostly related to healing ability, so the younger the patient, the better the results are. In arm lipo, regardless of what technique is used, usually a very small incision under the arm is made to execute the process, and this incision usually completely disappears a few months after the surgery. The liposuction techniques that are mostly used for an arm lipo are Vaser liposuction and laser liposuction. Both these techniques are almost equally efficient and safe.

Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

An arm lift, or brachioplasty, is a surgical operation in which the excess skin and tissue are removed. The arm lift is mostly ideal for patients who have lost a considerable amount of weight. The remaining skin after the weight loss may also have fat masses attached to it. These fat masses usually can be removed with an arm lift, but in some cases, liposuction can also be an efficient solution.

Arm Lift with Liposuction

These two operations can be combined and be carried out simultaneously. Although this is the most effective way to reduce the area, there is a limit about how much fat liposuction can remove from the area. Because of that, the operation can’t be effectively used for patients that have too much fat in their arms. This situation requires an arm lipo beforehand, and when stationary, an arm lift is carried out followingly. This process can also be called ‘’delayed combination’’.

The Area Subject To Operation

Both arm lipo and arm lift operations focus on the contour of the lower hemisphere of the upper arm as seen when the arm is extended out ninety degrees from the body. The fat on the outer surface of the arm is much more dangerous to remove since the outer part has a much more muscular structure. Trying to remove the fat in the outer area could result in serious scarring and permanent damage to muscles.

Delayed Combination

A delayed combination means undergoing an arm lipo beforehand and having an arm lift after a while. This method can be ideal for two situations. The first one is when there is too much fat to remove during a simultaneous combined operation, separating the processes to gain the ability to remove more fat from the area. The second situation is a little more spontaneous. When a patient undergoes an arm lipo operation but the skin in the area doesn’t tighten over time, there occurs a need for an arm lift. This situation may be annoying since a second operation is unplanned beforehand, however, having the mindset before the arm lipo would help with the situation. It is important to acknowledge that the excess skin remaining after an arm lipo might not tighten by itself before undergoing the surgery.

Mini Arm Lift

Just like the tummy tuck, an arm lift can also be carried out in two different ways. The difference between a full arm lift and a mini arm lift is mainly on the amount of skin removed. A mini brachioplasty is more ideal for those who need smaller adjustments to the area. In a mini brachioplasty, only a small incision is made in the armpit, leaving no visible scars behind unless the arm is fully raised. The incision made in a mini brachioplasty is much smaller and has the possibility of fully healing more. The operation can also be combined with liposuction, however, the liposuction can not be comprehensive and can be only used for small adjustments.

The Possible Side Effects Of Arm Lipo and Arm Lift

As in any other surgical operation, arm lift and arm lipo also have some risks and possibility of occurrence of complications. In this paragraph, we will be discussing these outcomes.

  • Nausea and sickness related to anesthesia. As in any other surgical operation that is carried out under general anesthesia, arm lift and arm lipo can result in nausea and sickness for a few days after the surgery. The complication may create considerable discomfort during the recovery process.
  • Infection and inflammation. These complications are also among the risks of any surgical operation that requires an incision. Infections can cause a lot of pain and can reduce the results of the operation, as well as possibly cause other complications.
  • Muscle damaging. Although it is not very common, during liposuction or skin trimming, the muscular structure can be damaged. While small damages can heal over time, there is a small possibility of a permanent complication when damage is bigger.
  • Permanent scars. It is almost inevitable to have a scar after an arm lift operation. However, although a mini arm lift leaves scars too, it is a much more low possibility that the scarring after a mini brachioplasty can be seen.

Do’s and Don’ts Before and After An Arm Lift or Arm Lipo

  • Consumption of alcohol and smoking should be stopped three weeks before the surgery. Alcohol and cigarettes carry a number of risks if they are used before undergoing a surgical operation, such as creating complications with anesthesia.
  • Usage of any types of medications, especially aspirins and painkillers, should be stopped. Since these medications cause the blood to be runnier, they may cause severe complications such as uncontrollable bleeding during the operation.
  • A healthy and rich diet should be followed both before and after the surgery. Consumption of a sufficient amount of fibers, proteins ,and carbohydrates helps the recovery process to be much smoother, as well as faster. Having a healthy diet also helps to reach better results after the surgery.
  • Heavy physical activities should be avoided for a month after the surgery. Although activities such as walking or cycling are not actually risky, the possibility of an accident should be considered. And for lifting activities that involve arms, they should be strictly avoided for at least six weeks after the surgery, to make sure any complication doesn’t occur.
  • Loose clothing should be preferred after the surgery. Especially after an arm lift, since there will be a big scar, it is important to wear comfortable clothes that are loose enough to not disturb the surgical area. Letting more air to the area also helps with a faster and smoother recovery.