What is the BBL Effect

The BBL effect is long-lasting and, in some cases, even permanent. BBL is a procedure that allows you to reshape your hip using the fat from other body parts. An added advantage is that this procedure improves fat deposition in areas of the body sampling sites. Thus, the BBL effect is longer lasting, allows you to shape and refine your silhouette more.

It’s a bi-zonal intervention, as it gives an attractive and sensual silhouette reminiscent of the famous Brazilian bodies, primarily known for the breathtaking curves of high, firm and toned hips. Specifically, our surgeon can liposuction your classic abdomen, arms and back to define your upper body well and highlight your waist. It purifies the fat that the specialist will take from you with liposuction, from your body fluids by centrifugation technique. The doctor then places them on your new target area, the hip.

So this technique allows you to redefine your hips, create a visual push-up effect and lift the area. In addition, this procedure is fully compatible with both male and female bodies.

Finally, with the BBL effect, you can sometimes say goodbye to flat buttocks without the help of artificial silicone implants. Since BBL is autologous fat, it’s the procedure that most of us expect without fear of introducing a foreign body (prosthesis) into the body.

BBL Turkey

When we say BBL, Turkey is probably the first country that comes to mind for many people. With BBL Turkey, you can have a perfect hip and increase your self-confidence. You can also save money with BBL surgery Turkey. This procedure is a reliable and precise technique that combines different actions such as liposuction, and implant placement, which require excellent proficiency. In addition, the surgeon must be able to draw a perfect curvature for your flat and saggy hips, give volume, rounded and symmetrical curves, thus increasing the B-side and at the same time eliminating fat deposits.

BBL surgery Turkey, which is a part of plastic surgery, is the process of transferring fat from a part of the body into the buttock. For a more voluminous look and Brazilian butt that makes you more attractive and sexy, our doctor removes excess fat from your hips, abdomen, waist or thighs with liposuction. So, the doctor strategically transfers some of this fat into your buttocks.

How Does BBL Work?

During the Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey procedure, our specialist will perform liposuction on the relevant areas if you have excess fat resistant to diet and sports. Our surgeon needs hard fat to ensure that your fat transfer stays in place after it’s done and doesn’t quickly disappear, even when you lose weight.

For this, the surgeon then purifies the fat. The doctor uses pure fat for this procedure using a specially designed device. Our specialist then transfers this special fat into your hips to create shapes that blend in with the rest of the silhouette and model the hips. Thus, the donor area where you will remove your fat during liposuction and your hip area will heal simultaneously.

However, you should know that 30% to 50% of the transferred fat during lipo filling is reabsorbed by your body, and your body naturally expels them. Sometimes you may even need a few sessions to achieve your desired result.

Some Tips for BBL in Turkey

We invite you to seek an experienced and accredited surgeon for BBL Turkey. An experienced surgeon will know how much of the volume of fat to transfer into you and will perfectly master the BBL technique to avoid unnecessary risks. It would be best if you also made a careful choice for Brazilian butt lift Turkey.

For example, Clinic Excellent is equipped with a scanner to monitor a possible pulmonary embolism during BBL surgery Turkey and keeps it under observation throughout the entire procedure for quick treatment in case of any complications. Thus, you will have peace of mind during the process, and you can have BBL surgery Turkey safely.

Why Choose BBL?

The shape and proportions of the female anatomy are primarily determined by genetics: The condition of the skeleton and the way fat is distributed and stored affect the appearance of the pelvis and hips. A healthy diet and regular exercise help maintain ideal weight and tight muscles. But some women, especially in their thirties, are dissatisfied with their flat backs that lack voluptuous shapes.

BBL allows you to emphasize the curves of the lower back and reduce pockets of fat in the upper thighs, around the hips and in the lower abdomen. It balances the upper and lower parts of the silhouette, gives hourglass-like youthful support to the small of the back and gives it a flattering look when worn.

BBL, which usually requires general anaesthesia, is a relatively heavy, expensive procedure in many countries and irreversible. However, with BBL Turkey, you will encounter very affordable costs, and our surgeons are experienced and experts in their fields.

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