The shape and ratio of a person’s butt are generally determined by their skeletal and muscular structure along with the body’s consuetude of storing the fat. Even though a sporty life along with a healthy diet can make a person happy with their body, still most of the women remain unhappy with their ‘’flat’’ butt. To overcome this problem, plastic surgeries are largely preferred. And Brazilian butt lift, BBL, in short, is a method used to achieve the desired butt shape.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift Operation?

Along with butt implants, a Brazilian butt lift is a commonly preferred procedure to make the butt look better. A Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic procedure that consists of collecting the body fat from different parts of the body and then relocating it to the buttocks to achieve the desired look. The fundamental techniques of the Brazilian butt lift are liposuction and grafting fat.

How is A Brazilian Butt Lift Performed?

The Brazilian butt lift procedure is usually carried out under general anesthesia. However, local anesthesia may also be preferred when the size of the procedure is smaller. If the patient is likely to get sick because of the anesthesia, anti-nausea medication can be given before the operation.

 After anesthesia, the fat is collected via liposuction from different areas of the body (stomach, thighs, hips, etc.). Liposuction consists of making incisions in the skin and then collecting and storing the fat into a tube.

The fat collected from the body is purified before transfer into the buttocks.

The operation is fulfilled after the purified fat is transferred into the buttocks. The incisions from liposuction and grafting are closed up with stitches. And at last, the stitches are covered with pieces of garment in order to protect them from any possible damage.

Is Brazilian Butt Lift Dangerous?

As in every other surgical operation, the Brazilian butt lift also has some risks but it is less dangerous than most surgical operations, including implanting silicone into the buttocks. Some of the possible risks and side effects of Brazilian butt lift are pain, loss of skin due to infection in the surgical area, tubers under the skin in the areas the liposuction is applied, scarring, and infection. The fatality rate of Brazilian butt lift is about %0,03. Although the rate may seem high for such a simple operation, deadly situations generally occur because of the wrong appliance or wrong treatments after the operation. This rate is much lower in Turkey thanks to successful experts and the advanced sector in Turkey. Experts in Turkey use different techniques such as Safe BBL (relocating fat not under or into the muscles, but over the muscles) to reduce the risks of the process.

In addition to these, another possible side effect is the failure of the operation. This occurs when the body breaks down and absorbs the grafted fat in the buttocks. This situation may require an additional one or two procedures. In order to avoid this situation, the surgeon may insert extra fat the first time.

How to Prepare for a Brazilian Butt Lift Operation?

Before going under a Brazilian Butt Lift operation, the patient may find it helpful to take some precautions for the operation to be smoother and the recovery to be faster.

First of all, the patient should mentally prepare not to sit directly on the fat inserted area for at least 21 days. A healthy and balanced diet before and after the operation should help the process to be faster and smoother.  The patient also should not consume alcohol or smoke for at least 21 days before and after the operation for faster and healthier healing. The prescripted medications should be taken as instructed in order to help the healing to be safer and less painful. The patient should wear loose clothes which are easy to wear and take off during the healing process. The patient must rest in a comfortable and fresh space and should be supported with pillows while resting to make them feel more comfortable. 

What to Expect After a Brazilian Butt Lift Operation?

The Brazilian butt lift does not only change the look of the butt, but it also changes the look of the thighs, belly, waist, and hips. Because the fat that will be transferred into the buttocks is collected from different parts, thighs, waist, hips, etc. may look narrower and rounder. This helps the body to look more proportional and aesthetic. The desired look of the buttocks is usually achieved and the patient is generally pleased with the outcome. After the surgery, the buttocks may be swollen from two weeks to six weeks as the patient’s body recovers from the surgery. The patient should make sure that their weight doesn’t fluctuate so that the outcome of the operation is more positive and aesthetic.

How Much Does Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Turkey

While only the operation costs about £2600 to £2900, a pack of treatment including anesthesia, operation, clinic stays, and aftercare may cost a patient about £3600. Health insurance does not cover a Brazilian butt lift because it is not directly about health. While choosing the clinic you will go under the operation, beware of the very cheap ones because the cheapness means low quality. Having an operation by inexperienced or sham people may even cause death.

Brazilian Butt Lift Shapes

The process of transfer of the purified fat may be customized according to the desire of the patient. Although very specific shapes may be preferred, there are some shapes that are generally preferred. These are:

  • ‘’O’’ Shape (Round)

Also known as ‘’Bubble Butt’’, the ‘’O’’ shaped butt is highly common among women. People with this shape usually have full hips and thick upper thighs. Patients with ‘’O’’ shaped butt usually prefer BBL for improving their natural back look.

  • ‘’A’’ Shape (Heart)

A heart shaped butt is widely preffered by women since it provides hourglass body type for slim waisted people. The heart shape is one of the most desired butt shapes also because of its natural but beautiful look. People with a heart shaped butt also prefer BBL to improve their naturally given look.

  • ‘’V’’ Shape (Inverted)

The ‘’V’’ shaped butt is also a widely common type. ‘’V’’ shaped butt type doesn’t have much volume on thighs instead, the abdominal area is bigger. People with ‘’V’’ shaped butt sometimes opt for a BBL to have thicker thighs.

  • ‘’H’’ Shape (Square)

The square shaped butt type is almost like a ‘’V’’ shape, except it is flatter. Also people with square shaped butt tend to have a fuller abdominal area just like people with ‘’V’’ shaped butt type. BBL candidates with a square shaped butt usually desire a heart shaped look in order for their abdominal area to look slimmer.

These shapes do not change any specific method in the surgery. They just change where the graftings will be applied to.

Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey – Before And After

Brazilian Butt Lift patients are highly satisfied with the outcome around the globe and especially in Turkey. Turkey has a unique plastic surgery sector thanks to its unique experts and highly experienced nurses. Turkey is highly preferred and recommended in its region. Both Middle-Easterns and Europeans prefer Turkey for their plastic surgery operations. There are also some experts that specialized in BBL.

Recovery After BBL

Brazilian butt lift is not highly dangerous and its recovery process is smoother in comparison with other plastic surgeries. The recovery usually takes three to six weeks in total. Depending on the patient’s body, the patient can start their job in one-three weeks and can lie on their back after three-four weeks. Infection is not usually encountered when the patient is taken care of correctly. The buttocks may be swollen for a few weeks after the operation but they will take their real shape after this period.

Beginning from the operation, a usual recovery timeline would be like this:

  • Pre-Operation (Preparation) takes generally 2-3 hours.
  • The surgery takes about 2-4 hours.
  • Returning to work may take 7 to 14 days after the surgery.
  • Total recovery may take 3 to 6 weeks. (usually 21-28 days)
  • Exercises can be done two months after the surgery.

FAQ About Brazilian Butt Lift

How long does it take to recover from BBL?

While it depends on various factors, it usually takes about 21 to 28 days for a full recovery. However, it may take up to 6 weeks (42 days) to fully recover in some cases.

How long does BBL Last?

While it highly depends on the case, it usually lasts several years. It may last from 6+ months to even decades depending on the quality of the procedure.