Swelling after labiaplasty is extremely normal. Labia tissue is usually very delicate and has high circulation. As a rule, after a professionally performed correction of the labia, recovery occurs quite quickly and without complications.

In most cases, it takes about three weeks for the tissue to heal completely and the swelling to go away. Rest is very important in the first days after the procedure because the body also needs strength to recover and heal.

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Swelling and Itching After Labiaplasty

Swelling and itching after labiaplasty are among the highly anticipated side effects of the procedure. The swelling typically subsides within a few days and disappears completely after a few weeks. To minimize swelling, you should make ice compresses and use the drugs recommended by your doctor. It would be best to choose clothes that will be loose during recovery. In addition to these, you can use painkillers to relieve the pain that may occur due to swelling.

You can resume your social activities within a few days after the procedure. However, you should avoid heavy exercise and sexual activities before full recovery. In addition, for the success of the surgery during recovery, you should visit your surgeon at regular intervals and strictly follow your doctor’s recommendations.

What Should Be Done to Relieve Swelling and Pain After Labiaplasty?

You can use the following methods to reduce pain and swelling after labiaplasty:

  • Painkillers (Analgesic): If you have pain, you can use the painkillers recommended by your doctor. You can also prefer mild pain relievers based on ibuprofen, which you can buy without a prescription.
  • Sitting bath: We recommend initially taking a sitz bath in a warm chamomile solution for five minutes in the morning and evening. This supports your healing process and prevents infections.
  • Hygiene: In general, it’s very important to provide proper hygiene to your problem area after the procedure. You can take a shower again after three days. Don’t rub and be gentle when rinsing after showering. Water and soap are completely sufficient to keep the wound area clean. It would be best if you also avoided additional creams, lotions or disinfectants.
  • Let the wound breathe: Don’t wear panties or pads for the first few days (these can cause heat and moisture build-up, an ideal breeding ground for fungi)

When Does Swelling Disappear After Labiaplasty?

Swelling after labiaplasty is very normal, especially in the first days. Don’t be afraid; this problem will disappear completely within a few weeks after the procedure.

In addition, bruising and pain may also occur in this process. All this will decrease in the first few days and disappear completely after three weeks.

Swelling and Possible Side Effects After Labiaplasty

In most cases, labiaplasty is a small and low-risk procedure performed under local anesthesia. If desired, sedation is also possible, so the operation isn’t consciously experienced. Swelling and possible side effects after labiaplasty include:

Swelling and Bruising

Risks or complications that may be relatively common in connection with a labiaplasty are pain and bruising. These are normal side effects of the procedure; you can treat them with rest and mild pain relievers. Swelling at the correction site is also quite common and is a normal reaction of the body to surgery. These usually regress in about a week.

Bladder Infection After Labiaplasty

A rare complication is the formation of cystitis. This risk is particularly high in women who often suffer from urinary tract infections. Antibiotic therapy is the preferred method in such cases.


In very rare cases, sensory disturbances may occur in the operated area. However, the sensitivity of the corrected inner lips returns after six weeks. There is no reason to fear that an operation on the genital area will impair sensitivity and change sexual perception.

Scar Formation

Modern surgical techniques minimize the risk of scarring from the procedure, so the scars are almost invisible. You can reliably assess the overall outcome of a labiaplasty as early as six to eight weeks after the procedure.

Finally, if you consider all your doctor’s recommendations, both your recovery process will go smoothly, and the success of the surgery will be very high.
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